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Get affordable WordPress maintenance for small businesses.

We know that running a business is challenging. It takes time to find time to do everything you need to do, including keeping your website up-to-date and secure. That’s why we offer our Monthly Maintenance Service so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Our maintenance services help keep your website secure by updating it to the latest WordPress versions and supporting your theme up to date. We also monitor the front end for security issues, back up your website, and provide On-page SEO reports with necessary adjustments.

Our WordPress maintenance service protects your online presence and guarantees uninterrupted operations. And the best part? All of this comes at an incredibly affordable monthly rate of just £75!

Basic Maintenance

For a Website upto 8 Pages

Per month

Intermediate Maintenance

Ideal for E-Commerce

Per month

Advance Maintenance

For Content Heavy Websites

Per month

PAYG Website Support and Maintenance

For Small to Large Websites

Working on a website can be complex and unpredictable, with various stages that may encounter issues such as hosting or backend errors. That’s why we offer a Pay-as-You-Go solution that quickly diagnoses and resolves any website issues. If you don’t have existing support, PAYG can simplify billing for on-demand website assistance.


Per Hour

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Got questions?
Well, we've got answers

Why is my websites need maintenance?

Maintaining your website regularly is essential to ensure optimal website performance and meet users’ needs. This involves updating the core WordPress framework, themes and plugins to protect against cyber threats and prevent frustrating user experiences such as downtime, broken links, and slow loading speeds. By consistently providing fresh and relevant content, you can engage your audience, improve search engine rankings, and drive organic traffic. To stay up-to-date with industry trends and implement updates to remain competitive and aligned with audience expectations.

What is the minimum duration of the contract that you offer?

Our Basic to Advanced WordPress Maintenance Plan requires a minimum six-month contract. This ensures that you receive the maximum value from our services.

How long does it take to fix the crashed website?

We understand that the last thing you want is for your website to go down. That’s why we’ve developed a managed WordPress maintenance plan that keeps your site running smoothly and securely so that you can focus on growing your business.

Depending on the nature of the crash, WordPress can often experience a white screen crash caused by incompatible PHP or database issues. We can help you fix your website in a couple of hours. To ensure no compatibility issues with our team, we recommend having a backup plan in case of a hacker malware attack that takes days to fix the large content website.

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My new website is much better than the old one. It’s easy to make changes by selecting the page and adjusting it quickly.

Alex M


I am highly impressed with the excellent, professional service and speedy communications. I highly recommend it.


Book Writer

I received excellent service that was both prompt and helpful. The job was complicated, but the service provider exceeded my expectations and made it hassle-free. I am pleased to give them a five-star rating and highly recommend them for web or internet-based tasks. I would be happy to employ their services again in the future.

Jenny W